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ONE-EYED GYPSY lifestyle products are made in Los Angeles from all-natural essential oils. Considered the lifeblood of the plant, essential oils have long been used for how they can help shape our physical and emotional well-being.



When we breathe in a scent, we experience a psychological effect that differs for every individual. Just as certain smells can transport us to a specific time and place, they can also give life to new memories, create new associations and open us up to new discoveries.



The potent smell of essential oils travels from our nose to the lungs where it enters the bloodstream, affecting the body’s chemistry. These smells also send signals to the limbic system which is linked to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.



There is a rich history of essential oils being used in ancient rituals and meditation to help transform a space. They can heighten the senses, allowing one to dive deeper into pure consciousness, restore balance and remove negative thoughts.