One-Eyed Gypsy Room Spray

One-Eyed Gypsy Room Spray


A transcendent blend of all-natural essential oils from around the world.

WHITE SAGE is often used for its antibacterial properties. Its leaves were originally burned by Native Americans for purification rituals.

PALO SANTO, commonly used as incense, also has mystical origins. It was used by the Incans to clear bad energy, bring luck and awaken the spirit.

PATCHOULI, originally from East Asia, grew popular during the Sixties, signifying peace, love and unity.

LAVENDER has a clean, calming scent and is often used as a perfume to signify wealth and prosperity.

CLOVE has a sweet and spicy scent, producing a soothing, grounding effect.

Combined, these oils create a powerful, vibrant aroma that can be used to transform a space.

All products are handmade in Los Angeles from all-natural essential oils with no synthetics.


- Shake gently before use.

- Store in a cool, dark place.

- Do not ingest.

- Avoid contact with eyes.

- Keep away from pets & children.

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